Breathing is important

Temperature changes cause condensation to be inevitable. Aerocovers have a breathable membrane. This membrane transports moisture vapor outside and prevents water, dust and dirt from getting in at the same time.

It is important to prevent mold and mildew from building up and extend the lifespan of your garden furniture or parasol.

Good fit

AeroCovers®  feature sewn-in cords with 2 stoppers at 2 sides of the cover.  This way it is easy to tighten your cover. L-shape covers are fitted with a belt and extra buckle.

Lightweight and strong

AeroCovers® are made from lightweight ripstop polyester. This makes them easy to handle and they take up little space when not in use. All garden furniture and lounge set covers come with a handy storage bag attached to the cover.

Ease of use

AeroCovers® parasol covers are fitted with a sewn-in fibre glass rod.  You can easily cover your parasol without using a stepladder.

Our cushion storage bags have reinforced handles and double zippers for easy handling of the cushions.

The alternative for PVC

The trouble with PVC/ Vinyl covers is that they do not breathe.

Though manufacturers claim this, pvc covers can only breathe through air vent built into these covers.  These air vents allow dirt and dust to come in. This is just what you are trying to avoid!

Vinyl/ PVC becomes hard with low temperatures and eventually break because of this. Aerocovers stay flexible, also with low temperatures.

Vinyl / PVC is also bad for our earth. Aerocovers are made of environmentally friendly materials that can be recycled after their useful life.

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