Frequently asked questions


1. Which size should I select?

Read here how you can measure your garden furniture set and select the correct size.

2.I can not find the proper size?

Several covers can be used for various garden furniture. Rectangular garden furniture covers may also be used for small lounge sets. They could even be suitable to cover large outdoor kitchens.  If you can not find the proper size, check out different categories.

3. Are Aerocovers waterproof?

Aerocovers are water-resistant. Waterproof covers do not exist, altough this is often claimed. Aerocover fabrics are waterproof,  the seams are splashproof.

Aerocover seams on top of covers are tape seamed with waterproof tape to prevent water to go through, however the seams can never be guaranteed to be 100% waterproof. Always create a highest point so water can run of and you do not collect water pools on the seams. We advise to use our Cover Support Set for this. Read more here about the use and maintenance of your Aerocover.

4. Should I store a cushion bag inside?

A cushion bag should be stored inside because the zippers are not waterproof.

5. I have condensation under my cover, how is this possible?

Due to temperature changes condensation  is inevitable. This is sometimes mistaken for leakage.

AeroCovers reduce condensation by transporting moisture vapor outside.  How fast this happens depends on the weather and its relative moisture content. Big variations in temperature and  relative high moisture content will cause a lot of condensation. For instance on rainy days and in autumn.

The strength of the sun and extend of ventilation (wind) influences the reduction of condensation.

6. Where can I buy an original Aerocover?

Aerocovers can be found at selected dealers. Click here to find a dealer near you.

7. Will an Aerocover colour fade?

Eventually, every cover will colour fade and Aerocovers are no exception. However because of the fabric that is coloured throughout your AeroCover will keep its original colour much longer. Aerocovers will colour fade gradually. How fast this will happen depends on the strength of the sun and how long the cover is in direct sunlight. Colour fading does no affect the main function of the cover: protection of your garden furniture.

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