How to measure?

The proper size

It is important to use the correct size garden furniture cover.

If your cover is too large, it will sag, allowing water to accumulate. Aerocovers® are designed to channel water off your cover, but if the cover is too large there will not be enough tension for this design to work effectively.

If your cover is too tight,  some areas may stretch out and deteriorate prematurely. Properly fitted covers will last longer than those that are either too tight or much too loose, Aerocover® recommends taking time to measure before ordering.

Read here how to measure your garden furniture and select the correct cover.


Decide how you will place your garden furniture and in which setting you will cover it. You may want to leave a corner lounge set in an L-shape and choose an L-shape cover. A coffee table you can insert on the bench.

For this same set however, you may also choose to put the seperate elements together and select a rectangular lounge set cover.


In the selected setting, measure all outer sizes. For a garden furniture set for example:

  1. The length. Over the table including the sides of the chairs.
  2. The width. Over the table including the back of the chairs.
  3. The height. In general this is the height of the dining chairs.

When you measure your garden furniture set, allow some space for covering and removing your protective cover.

Garden furniture comes in a lot of shapes and sizes. You may not always find the exact size you are looking for.  Please select the closest larger size available.

You can select a cover which is 5-10 cm than your set without a problem. More than 20 cm is usually too much to fit  properly. The cover could start flapping in the wind and will not last as long as it could be used.  If you decide to buy a cover which is more than 20 cm too large, make sure you fasten the cover to prevent flapping in the wind.

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