Usage and Maintenance

AeroCover protective covers are manufactured from high quality ripstop polyester, supplied with an AeroCover membrane. The covers breathe, and are also dirt and water resistant. They offer optimum protection for garden furniture and cushions.

With temperature variations, condensation is unavoidable. AeroCovers help remove the moisture to the outside.

Ensure that you create sufficient ventilation to enable the cover to breathe. Never place the cover flat on a table top. Ensure that there is always a space between cover and top by using the cover support pole set. Also create a highest point or pinnacle, to encourage water to run off the cover and to avoid it collecting in pools.

Never leave cushions under the covers for a longer period (weeks). Regularly remove the covers from your garden furniture and allow it to air.

Store cushion covers inside. To prevent mould, ensure your garden furniture / parasol cover/ cushions are dry before covering them.

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